Taxing times call
for innovative solutions

January 21, 2022

Taxing times call
for innovative solutions

Governments can't put digital transformation on hold any longer

Taxing times call
for innovative solutions

January 22, 2022
A ‘perfect storm’ of challenges facing the IRS is overwhelming switchboards and causing delays for those claiming annual tax refunds.… Read More

We can help when nurse
numbers don’t add up

January 15, 2022
As healthcare services continue to labor under the strain of nursing shortages, providers are telling us they’re looking for new… Read More

Your New Year’s resolution?

More customer resolutions!

January 3, 2022
It may be a new year but the turbulent times roiling contact centers aren’t going away anytime soon. Healthcare, utilities,… Read More

The most magical technology

you’ve ever heard

December 7, 2021
How do you create the best conversational virtual agent on the market? The answer may surprise you. It’s attention to… Read More

It’s not where you start,

it’s where you finish

December 2, 2021
Conversations are the nuts and bolts of human communication. Yet we’re still exploring precisely how they work and how to… Read More

Three golden rules

for a robust crisis management strategy

November 24, 2021
Shedding light on dark data is key to staying ahead Are you ready for when your business hits the next… Read More

Putting the quality back
into contact center QA

June 23, 2021
Quality assurance (QA) isn’t new, but it is integral to ensuring the performance and compliance of contact center agents. Unfortunately,… Read More

Don’t settle for average
when it comes to average
handle time

May 20, 2021
Average handle time (AHT), or the average length of time a contact center agent spends on a call from start… Read More

Identifying opportunity at the speed of sound

May 18, 2016
By the time AT&T formed its Opportunity Discovery Department (ODD) inside of Bell Labs in 1995 to assess the impact… Read More

The long-distance call turns 101 years old

January 20, 2016
In 1915, it took five operators and 23 minutes to connect the first transcontinental call between New York and San… Read More